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Engineering-Based Cost Segregation

A Cost Segregation Study tax planning tool allows property owners who have constructed, purchased, or remodeled a commercial property to accelerate depreciation.

§179D Energy Efficient Building Tax Deduction

The 2005 Energy Policy Act created §179D which allows property owners and designers of government buildings a significant federal tax deduction.

§45L Developer Energy Home Credit

The Energy Efficient Credit provides eligible contractors with a $2,000 tax credit.

Disposition Studies

Recent changes to tax regulations have allowed taxpayers to dispose of individual building components.

Repair v Capitalization Review

Application of the new Repair Regulations requires an in-depth understanding of various tax cases and circumstances that must be met.

Building Systems Commissioning

Commissioning is being integrated into the construction process to ensure that owners and investors get good buildings for their investments.

Turnover Inspection Study

Turnover generally involves a comprehensive evaluation of the common elements, those components of the common property serving or used by more than one owner.

Replacement Reserve Study

Replacement reserves are a way of identifying, quantifying, and budgeting monies to fund future major building repairs and replacements.

Facility Condition Assessments

Facility condition assessment services allowing clients to optimize long-term facility investments