Facility Condition Assessments

What is a Facility Condition Assessment?

Green Summit Engineering provides facility condition assessment services allowing clients to optimize long-term facility investments. We use a comprehensive facility condition assessment (FCA) methodology to determine current building deficiencies and estimated costs associated with renewal, repair, and code compliance. The FCA determines immediate and long-term costs liabilities for building component lifecycle renewal, deferred maintenance, code compliance, and functional inadequacies based on an industry-standard cost database. Clients use the FCA to address operational requirements, facility renewal forecasting, and funding scenarios for capital project planning.

What are the Benefits?

• Improve facilities data
• Define facility problems
• Justification for capital expenditures
• Develop mandated reports
• Address code issues
• Streamline facilities management
• Improve facilities condition
• Allow maintenance personnel to better plan, manage, and direct work
• Prioritize short-term planning issues

Elements of a Facility Condition Assessment

• Building Structures
• Fire Protection Systems
• Elevators
• Plumbing
• Electrical Systems
• Swimming Pools, Spa, & Equipment
• Seawalls & Other Marine Structures
• Sitework Including Pavement & Drainage Systems